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Zosky is an alien from the French/Canadian cartoon Kaput and Zosky: The Ultimate Obliterators.


Zösky is the thin one of the duo, and more the planner. He seems to be well versed on matters beyond Kaput's control, and is quite easily agitated by Kaput mayhem and discord. He also wishes to first use his mind to dominate rather than brute force. Zösky is tall and thin, has yellow antennae which resemble bunny ears, and squinted eyes. His crisperizer and the buttons on his shirt are yellow, and has sports tall boots. To some characters in the show, Zösky is considered attractive, perhaps due to his British accent and his suavè manners. Zösky can't stand carrots, contrary to some characters believing that he is a rabbit and thus likes them. He is 16 years old. Zösky is voiced by Mark Camacho.


Zosky is a tall, skinny sausage like alien with long yellow antennae that resemble rabbit ears. Pink skin (or lavender in the comics). He wears a black body suit with three yellow buttons and tall black boots. Zosky is usually seen with closed or squinted eyes but open up when he's surprised, shocked or frightened. When open is eyes are two black dots or little white circles with or without pupils and some times skinny and stick like. Under his uniform he has a small patch of chest hair, though some times it's not there.


  • Kaput: Kaput is Zosky's partner in crime. As Kaput is more violent than Zosky, he tries to calm him down at times to avoid him from causing a commotion that could get them in trouble. Kaput constantly argues with Zosky and tends to get greedy and angry quickly. Despite their differences, they both help each other out of difficult situations.
  • Family: Zosky's parents live on the planet Lamama where he was born. He is terrified of his mother as he left to become a invader but left his chores unfinished. He still cares for his mother though as when Kaput has her fall into a deep sleep, he becomes concerned about her not waking up and becomes glad that she is alive. His father is not shown.
  • Lamama population: The population is excited to see Zosky when he crashlands on the planet with Kaput and they take him to his mother. They call him "Cousin Zosky" while he's there.