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Kaput and Zösky is a French comic book series from the cartoonist Lewis Trondheim. It was made into a cartoonKaput and Zösky: The Ultimate Obliterators. While this show aired in 2003, artwork indicates creation of the characters themselves began a year earlier, in 2002, in the form of comic books.

Some of the stories featured in the comics have been converted into the series that ran on weekends and late at night in the United States on the Nicktoons Network and in Canada on Teletoon.


Bloodthirsty conquerors, Kaput and Zösky travel the universe, landing on planets and trying to conquer them. They are not the most able tyrants, however, and have trouble holding any planet for more than a few days, if they can even manage to dominate it in the first place. In fact, they spend as much time running for their lives as they do enslaving and slaughtering innocents. Kaput and Zösky are a dynamic, if generic, duo. Zösky is a cunning, level-headed pseudo-intellectual who always has a plan. Kaput, on the other hand, is short-tempered and volatile; his strategies always involve "crisperizing" everything in sight. Kaput is a short and dumpy little terrorizer with a brilliant red mohawk, and Zösky is a tall and thin tyrant with a set of yellow antennae. Their exploits almost always end in the same way for the two space tyrants; the two barely escape from their fates by flying off in their dumpy little spaceship, leaving a red smoke trail behind.

Show History:

"Kaput and Zösky: The Ultimate Obliterators" had made its debut sometime in 2003, though when is not revealed exactly, but for a short time, this show had made a niche in TeleToon and the Nicktoons Network. While it was shown on Nicktoons, most of the episodes that were made were exempted from airing until sometime in July 2006, when "new episodes" had made their way onto the program. Totally 26 half-hour episodes (78 shorts) were produced.


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