Suebooboo is a female hitch hiker that kaput and Zosky picked up in the "For Bad or For Worse" episode.


Suebooboo is a tall and skinny woman with long blond hair thats tied up in a pony tail by a green hair tie. She wears a long red dress with a orange collar and green boots she also has green eyes.


Suebooboo has a younger brother that she calls little bro. she broke him out of prision with the help of Kaput and Zosky. After resucing her sibling the foursome land on Jabberwalky where her and her brother proceed to steal Kaput and Zosky's space ship only to crash lad cause it was out of gas. Kaput and Zosky strand both Suebooboo and her brother on Jabberwalky while they fly off in their now gassed up space ship.


Suebooboo made a cameo apperance in 'Hokus Pokus" when Zosky tuned kaput into an actual woman who took the form of suebooboo.