The planet Mudhole.


Mudhole- There's nothing much to say about planet Mudhole, except for the fact that it has huge mud pits (hence the planet's name) and the planet's leader is a ghost (this is implied through the fact that one of the planet's inhabitants said so, and the leader is invisible as Kaput says "The only time you can see him is when he slips into an inanimate object").


The inhabidants of Mudhole are yellow creatures with black catlike ears and noses. They seem to be a farming comunity where they raise cattle.



The ruler of Mudhole appears to be an invisible ghost and the only way you can see him is if he posses an inatimate object. it is implied what he use to look like before he died by a picture hanging on a wall.
Alive ghost king

Here's a picture of the king when he was alive.